Fox head Enter the Lexperience! Fox head

A digital fullbody drawing of Lexicon, an anthropomorphic unicorn fox. They are drawn in a cartoony style, looking away and smiling. They are wearing a black Gorillaz t-shirt and blue denim jeans.

This website is not mobile-friendly. I apologize for any inconveniences.

There are no Electric Soldier Porygon levels of strobing or anything, but there are some saturated colors and blinking GIFs.

Alongside HTML and CSS, this website uses JavaScript.

I try to update fairly often, but this is usually once every couple of weeks. Also, it might go down on occasion (mainly for backend updates) but shouldn't be for more than a couple days at a time.

Mastodon Newgrounds
An anime-style panda girl flipping off the viewer. There is a box that says 'Web 14' to the right. Rated W for Weird. The text says 'Weird. Content rated by URBS'.A red and blue box that says 'Choosy Websites choose GIF'.