Comet Morehouse

Many years ago, Comet Morehouse (Hiss, Boo!) was taken over by the demons that inhabit the lower regions. He is, therefore, a power dedicated to causing harm and fostering evil whenever and wherever he can. Although he was only discovered by earthlings in 1908, Morehouse has been prowling about the universe causing mischief for centuries. Comet Morehouse carries several smaller bad comets along with him, and sometimes they can be seen breaking loose from his tail and going off on some nefarious mission of their own. That is when good people are in the most danger. Comet Morehouse is filled with a terrible strength of badness. Goodness, though, is always stronger and able to conquer evil. Therefore, Comet Morehouse is always defeated and even humiliated whenever he tries to fight Halleys Comet. Because Erbert and Gerbert are friends of Halleys, Morehouse hates them, and tries to cause them harm whenever Halleys is away on another mission. Morehouse always fails, though, because Halleys come back to save the day JUST IN TIME!