When Erbert and Gerbert were permitted to visit ancient Egypt they met Narmer. He was a young Egyptian worker whose job it was to dust the great pyramid at Giza so that it would shine in the sun. He was also charged with cleaning and caring for all of the artifacts and treasures that had been placed in the tomb of the Pharaoh Cheops underneath the pyramid. Narmer took the boys into the tomb and into its outer chambers. There they saw unimaginable marvels... the greatest collection of art and treasures of ancient Egypt that any modern person had ever seen. They viewed the tomb as it was 3,000 years ago, before it was plundered by grave robbers.

Narmer and the boys were chased up the pyramid by Comet Morehouse, who was trying to burn them up. (As usual, Halleys Comet had disappeared off beyond the solar system for some unknown purpose.) Although the three were eventually saved, in the process all of the coating was burned from the stones. That is why today the great pyramid is only bare stones, with just a very small portion of the original coating left on.