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Here are the answers to some potential questions I may or may not receive. Use this section as you will.

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A red paw pad Are you a furry?

Yes. There's no point in beating around the bush here.

A red paw pad Do you have a DNI/BYF list?

Unless we're already mutuals, you are at risk of being blocked if you're an eliminuisance or poll-pusher; I have no time for those. On a more serious level, I should clarify that "right"-wingers, pedophiles, zoophiles, and similar people will go to Hell before they die.

A red paw pad Do you roleplay?

No, I do not roleplay, so please don't pester me into doing so. Attempting to guilt-trip me into roleplaying will result in a block.

A red paw pad How can I financially support you?

Two ways you can financially support me include commissioning me or directly donating through Ko-fi, in which the latter also has adoptables and pay-to-use character bases. I used to have a Patreon, but decided to take it down as it became too stressful to manage and there would only be like... one person actually supporting it.

A red paw pad What the HELL is an analogoid or one-offer?

To learn more about the weird terms I use, please consult the Fricktionary!

A red paw pad Why did you block me?

If you are blocked, it's not meant to be a direct attack on you or anything. I very rarely block other users, but if someone and/or their content makes me severely uncomfortable, I do have the right to block them. I'm unlikely to block mutuals unless they do something really really awful.

A red paw pad Why do you not use certain websites?

The majority of social media platforms have been horrible for my mental wellbeing. I'd rather not leave long trails of embarassing garbage around through social media, so I'm only active on a few select platforms. If you see someone impersonating me on a website I don't use (e.g., Reddit, TikTok) then feel free to let me know. I have burner accounts for certain websites (such as deviantART) but as stated on the Contact page, they are only used for browsing.

A red paw pad You did/said something problematic!

We all make mistakes and sometimes do things that are out of line. This includes me, I am not perfect. If I do or say something that's concerning, then please send me a private message regarding it before doing anything else. I don't want people framing me as some horrible piece of shit over something that could have easily been taken out of context, and I know how things can get out of hand.


A red paw pad Are you open for commissions/trades/etc?

Here's what I believe fits my current art status.

Ask me about TRADES Commissions are OPEN I don't do REQUESTS
Status stamps © SweetDuke.

A red paw pad Can I commission NSFW/fetish artwork?

For privacy reasons, you will need to message me for my NSFW/fetish alias.


A red paw pad Can I make NSFW content of your characters?

I'd really appreciate it if you talk to me first. Some characters are more personal than others. Also, there are some fetishes that I am not comfortable with at all, but I won't be listing them here so bad actors can't take advantage of them.


A red paw pad Something on your website isn't working!

Thanks for letting me know! Send me the broken link and where you found it, and I'll see what I can do.

A red paw pad There's an issue with an ad on your page.

If an advertisement is labeled as BannerLink, NavLink, or NeoLink, then I cannot control what comes up, and you should therefore contact the respective webmaster.

A red paw pad What's the font used on this website?

Fixedsys Excelsior 3.01! I did initially have a Runescape font, but it didn't work properly on certain browsers.

A red paw pad Why did you delete my comment on your Neocities profile?

If you make a comment regarding an error, I'll attempt to fix it and then likely delete your comment so that others will never know! :D

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