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A reference sheet for Lexicon, an orange anthro unicorn fox with fangs, shoulder-length red hair and stitching on their right cheek. They wear eyeglasses, a blue t-shirt, and dark gray jeans. They can have 4 or 5 fingers, and 3 to 5 toes.

            The background is a rainbow gradient with the Solo jazz pattern over it. The sheet is formatted like Windows pop-up boxes.

            Box 1: Main Information
            Lexicon! Bisexual + non-binary.
            Fox creature (unifox?)
            Older than the GBA SP, but younger than the PS1.
            5'6 | 152cm
            130lbs | 59kg
            Likes: Drawing, coding, coffee, computers, new wave, 90s – 2000s nostalgia, Mary Jane', video games.
            Dislikes: Hot weather, arguments, pranks.
            Description: Imagine the culture and stereotypes of the early aughts in a single entity. Generally laid-back, but can be easily excitable.  Smart and a bit stupid, all at the same time. Sometimes comes off as rude, but it's not on purpose.

            Box 2: Colors + Items
            Consists of their color palette and a variety of items, such as a PlayStation 2, a stack of VHS tapes, an array of plushies, and a Starbucks Doubleshot drink.

            Box 3: Extra Details
            Consists of a closeup of their eyes and mouth, as well as a cut finger with static blood.
            There is a pair of rectangular eyeglasses and a collar with the Solo jazz cup pattern, with

Others' Art

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This isn't every single image of Lexicon I've received, this is only a small gallery. I also commission artists on Skeb, where other pieces can be found.

Four digital drawings of Lexicon in different poses. Two poses involve them standing, one depicts them running and pointing at something, and another depicts them sitting down and writing. A digital drawing of Lexicon, a headshot. They have a 'head empty' expression, and there is a buffering symbol over their head. A digital fullbody drawing of Lexicon. They are sitting down and facing the left, smiling with their hands resting on their knees. They are wearing a white t-shirt with a rainbow across the chest and red 'rings' on the openings of the neck and sleeves, denim shorts, thigh-high rainbow socks, and blue Converse shoes. A digital bust drawing of Lexicon being pet by Ulysses from ENA. A reference sheet of Lexicon in the style of IKEA's manuals. There are multiple labels; UNI-RÄV points to the whole character, STYGN points to the stitch on their cheek, BOOPI-NOS to their nose, FLÖÖFEN to their tail, and PAWBS to their feet. Their speech bubble consists of an Ownaj ENA Hourglass Dog plush, a PlayStation 2 controller, and a stack of VHS tapes. On the right, there are three instruction panels; panel 1 is labeled as KAFFE with Lexicon sitting down and drinking out of a mug, panel 2 is labeled as KODNING with Lexicon sitting at a computer executing a Hello World command, and panel 3 is labeled as RETRO-KOLLEKT with Lexicon organizing a shelf with VHS tapes, notable titles including Titanic, Top Gun, and Jumanji. A digital bust drawing of Lexicon. They are smiling and on a purple background. A digital drawing of Lexicon happily yelling into a megaphone with the Solo jazz cup pattern on it. They have the bisexual flag painted on their face. The background is the nonbinary flag. A digital drawing of Lexicon in a winter scene, wearing a jacket and scarf and holding a hot drink. They are looking upwards, smiling. A digital drawing of Lexicon standing in front of a Hot Topic store, chewing bubblegum and holding a can of Monster Energy. They are wearing an Invader Zim GIR hoodie, a wallet chain, and black pants with holes ripped around the knees. A digital drawing of Lexicon, sitting down holding a bag of Culver's food. There is a turtle sundae visible behind them. A digital drawing of Lexicon holding an envelope with a heart on it. They are smiling and looking away while blushing. A digital drawing of Lexicon using a Nintendo Switch with blue and red joycons. They are sitting cross-legged with a happy expression on their face. A digital fullybody drawing of Lexicon. They are drawn in an exagerrated cartoony style, with warm lighting. They are wearing the same outfit from @foxsnax's drawing.
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