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Oshama-san (おしゃまさん)

Outside of Japan, the name Oshama-san is mainly used to specifically refer to the 1972 depiction.

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As a new regular character of the 1972 version of "Moomin" animation, "Oshama-san" appears from the third episode. A similar background character appears in Episode 64 of the 1969 adaptation "Moomin" anime "Who's Afraid of Shadow?" (影なんか恐くない), but it was in the 1972 version series that it was characterized.
At the time of the main broadcast, it was still a time when "manly" and "feminine" were still the mainstream, the gender was intentionally stated. However, I think that the expression "Oshama" is exclusively for girls.


  • Oshama-san lives in the Moomin family's bathing hut without permission, and thinks it's natural. She is, as her name suggests, precocious.
  • Although she is a proper "woman", she refers to herself as "boku". She has a strong masculine element, in contrast to Nonnon's (Snorkmaiden's) so-called femininity. She has a strong tendency to be a literary girl. She has sensitive nerves and is highly sensitive.
  • She draws a line with the Moomins in terms of thinking and behavior, and has a distance. Sometimes, she will also show a sister-like side.
  • She runs in a similar style to a triple-jump, hands in pockets, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Play the hand-cranked organ.
  • When she's in the bathing hut, she has a special skill that allows her to collect things with a single signal even if she doesn't move. (She's friends with the hedgehog in the attic)
 By the way, in the character design of the original work (and Tanoshii Mūmin Ikka), Oshama-san has a knife hanging from her waist, but in the 1972 version of "Moomin" she has a key hanging. According to the animation production company at the time, in the original, there is a depiction of taking a knife from the waist, such as when cutting a fish. However, but this was considered unsightly and the scene of cutting something is cruel, so the knife is replaced with a key. Also, you could think of it as the key to the bathing hut where Oshama-san lives. Moomin from the Showa era is often called "violent" for some reason, but in reality, it was carefully considered by children who watched it.
 From episode 13 "Mr. Hemulen's Promise". 27A cut↓

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